About us

A Local Story

Vilo was founded by New Zealand husband and wife duo, Josh and Francesca. Our business is based in Whangarei in the winterless north of New Zealand. This setting feeds our delight in the outdoors and provides almost daily opportunity for adventure.

A Sustainable Story

We're passionate about sustainability. In a world full of plastic, we bring a sense of individuality through the unique and natural qualities of sustainably sourced wood. Each and every piece is as truly as unique as you.

Give Back

Fact: there are more slaves in the world today than ever before in history.

But we are coming alongside A21 to change that. Because we believe when we all do our part in the fight against slavery, we will see more lives experience freedom, independence, and full restoration.

With every purchase made, Vilo will donate 10% of the profits to A21 and their goal to end slavery around the world.

For all your support, we say thank you!