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This week we were fortunate enough to head out onto the high seas on a 99 year old Kauri barge! This beautiful old lady is lovingly owned by precious pals and fellow Northland adventurers Gayle and Sam. Huia was our vessel and the Bay of Island's our destination. The first feet in this adventure was bundling up our three month old baby and leaving the house by 8am.  My pre-mummy judgey self found new parents exasperating with their bags on bags of "unnecessary baby stuff". However five bags and one front pack later we were ready to leave! We met Huia and our precious pals at Doves Bay then headed out of Kerikeri Inlet to spend the day and night at Turtle Island.  Each summer we delve into the Bay of Islands I'm struck again by the beauty of the place.  The dazzling azure water and silvery sand, highlighting the bright green hills and red Pohutukawa stuns me every time.
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After a quick entrance into the blue, we enjoyed a fleeting snorkel.  The snorkel became fleeting after witnessing fins in the center of the bay not once...but three times! After Sam and Josh's reassurance it was only a 'little' Mako shark, Gayle and I had developed sufficient jelly knickers not to risk a repeat dip.
Swimming Bay of Islands NZ
Instead we ventured over to Turtle Island (so called for the shape of the island and we sadly wouldn't meet a resident turtle) for a meander to the summit, where we became a walking Vilo ad!
Urupukapuka - Vilo Blog
While the four of us spent the evening righting the wrongs of the world over beers and cards...our little friend snuggled into the bow of the boat.  The motion of the ocean creating the perfect sleeping conditions.  
I had however overlooked her position next to the on board loo which meant our overnight piddles were romantically spent mooning the moon over the stern of the boat!  The next morning after a hearty breakfast and Josh's failed fishing efforts (apparently left over sizzler's are not a fishy delicacy), we pottered over to Otehei Bay on Urupukapuka Island. The doc site in Urupukapuka Bay is the most stunning scene for a Bay of Island Adventure.  The Island is awash with walking tracks so after a calorie feast at Otehei Bay Cafe we headed up the Pateke loop.  Ordinarily a light meander however the food, the baby and the heat created quite the physical challenge.
Untouched, outstanding views were delivered again 
Urupukapuka - Vilo
A less terrifying afternoon snorkel allowed for a cool off and concluded our sunny adventure...
Swimming Bay of Islands New Zealand
So an incredibly happy time with incredibly happy people was spent over two glorious days
Smiley Face Flag
It hasn't been all sunshine and loveliness this week.  In business news we launched three new pairs of sunnies and Josh enjoyed and fun if sometimes frustrating dabble in videography.  We hope our product videos give Vilo fans a better look at our sunnies.  Check out Camber, Bounty and Eden!


To plan your own Urupukapuka adventure visit take some wonderful pals to share the adventure with.  


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