Vilo Sunglasses Recycling Program

 Vilo Sunglasses Recycling Program

How does it work?

1. Donate your old pair of sunglasses (any brand but must be in useable condition) either by:
  • Send them to Vilo, 26 Zealandia Street, Kensington, Whangarei 0112, along with your name and email address, or
  • Tag a photo of yourself donating your sunnies to a charity of your choice and tag us in using @viloeyewear
2. We'll email or DM your personal discount code for you to receive 20% off a new pair of Vilo wood sunglasses via the website!



Many people in poor and extremely sunny countries cannot afford to wear sunglasses. Over a short period of time this can lead to developing cataracts which although easy to fix in wealthier countries is a permanently debilitating disease for many people. All the sunglasses received by Vilo will be donated to such countries to help alleviate the problem.


We also believe in a circular and sustainable society. It's no secret we believe wooden sunglasses are the way to go but by giving that old pair of plastic sunglasses and new life with someone else we can prevent it ending up unnecessarily in a landfill near you!


** Discount code is one use per customer and cannot be applied to old orders. If you'd like more information contact us at