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So since starting this business blog, I’ve challenged myself to keep up with one per week to keep Vilo fans abreast of what we’re up to and showcase Northland as one of New Zealand’s premier spots.  The problem is weekly content. I’ve relied on a lot of pre-mummy adventures, but the reality is…we have a 7 week old baby! In our study currently, I am staring at my perfect daughter whilst noticing the vomit splats on the wooden floor I missed after an exceptional power chuck. This week our big adventure was climbing Parihaka with our little one in the front pack. 

Vilo Blog - Parihaka

For Whangarei locals Parihaka is almost a weekly fun spot.  Though challenging, it’s counted a quick ‘do-able’ workout for most.  The 241m high mountain used to be one of my regular runs.  However, 7 weeks post bubs just walking the trail proved a mental and physical Everest. This week my first attempt with Josh and bubs rated successful on my new scale of success. My new scale of success developed after travelling through the mental minefield of body comparison, pre and post bub (a dangerous place).  Post Parihaka hike, I’ve been reflecting on my changed role into Mum and my body which survived a miracle.

Vilo Blog - Parihaka

Motherhood has delivered the dizziest highs and most desperate lows I’ve ever encountered.  Poor Josh navigates through my hormonal / sleep deprived state almost daily! I’ve read inspirational pieces about the wonder of the female anatomy…about “earning my stripes” as a woman and loving your body because it has given life and I whole heartedly believe this.  While I’m amazed by my body, I’m not necessarily in love with it.  Pre-bub, every hike, running event and water adventure, I would be proud of the new level of physical and mental endurance I had achieved. 

Vilo Blog - Kerikeri Half Marathon

Post-bub, and after slipping so far from my “baseline fitness,” I have a new understanding of physical and mental endurance.  While my naked self has slipped decidedly south…I am learning to love my new mum bod.  When WALKING (not running) single digit kilometres is challenging, my clothes fit funny (or not at all!) and my eye bags are un-concealable, I become wistful over my pre-bub bod.  But then my 7 week old friend starts smiling at me, or gains 260g in a week and the wistfulness disappears. 

Navigating a new business, a new baby and a new body is the greatest adventure I’ve encountered.  I’m enjoying afternoon cuddles on the couch while my friend naps on me and promising myself that tomorrow I’ll plop her in her bed like a ‘good mum’.  I’m making decisions with Josh about the direction of our new business at 11pm at night that are sensible and coherent despite my sleep deprived state! I’m walking with my friend everywhere instead of running and proud of each extra kilometre we conquer.  I love my mum bod because my husband loves it…and because of the tiny person it helped create.  My mantra from a precious pal, is to be, “out there doing it!” I’ve scaled back our outdoor adventures for now but can’t wait to get ‘out there’, and ‘do it’ in the great kiwi outdoors with my 7 week old friend and watch her learn about our beautiful world.  I hope future blogs are filled by outdoor adventures with our tiny person. 

With the Christmas lead up we’ve been blessed with so many new and returning Vilo customers and have sold out of many sunglasses. Thankfully more will be available in soon and we’re excited to update all those who’ve shown interest in the ‘notify me’ function.  What a boost of confidence that kiwis and a few overseas fans are keen to support our business adventure!

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  • So so lovely to see you guys doing soo amazingly. Congratulations. I love your blog.
    And from what I’ve discovered, plopping them in their bed like a ‘good mum’ isn’t nearly as much fun. I sleep with my 10month old full time. You don’t get as much done and it’s probably a bit more demanding of you as Mum, but it’s also so lovely and snuggly and nothing lasts forever.
    All the best Josh and Fran.

    Julia Kuriger on
  • Love this and love your awesome take on the adventure of parenting. Xoxoxo

    Kristy on
  • You make my heart sing and my eyes run. I’m so proud of you Fran, you put everything into perspective about the wonderful new journey you’re on. Love and exceptance is the key, you rock xxx

    Wendy Wells on

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