On the Pinnacles trail

October 08, 2017

As summer closed in, Josh and I ventured to the Coromandel Peninsula to tackle the Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk) with two of our best and most adventurous pals! On board was our 12 week old baby (just a spec of porridge at that stage). The 13km round trip took us along the Webb Creek Track following the route of old pack horses and ascending 759m to the Pinnacles rock formation. Here the four of us (plus porridge!) had a giggly time watching the sun set and I’m sure ruining the romantic evening sought by another couple who we met at the peak!

Pinnacles NZ - Vilo Blog



After a freezing hose down at the doc hut (Josh and male pal #1 commented that myself and female pal #2 were making questionable squeals from the wash house, likely terrifying the resident school group, but it was just…so…freekin…COLD!!!!!), we settled into a reasonably noisy night top and tailing with 80 other weary trampers in one of New Zealand’s fabulous doc huts. 

Pinnacles Hut - Vilo wooden sunglasses

Looking rough!

After moseying our way around Europe and Asia, I can honestly say that no-where, is the great outdoors as cheap and accessible as it is to kiwis! Our backyard is vast and beautiful and doc facilities make the whole yard a playground. The next day we tramped the shorter Billygoat Track ending back at the Kauaeranga River. What a fabulous end to summer! While porridge seemed not a huge tramping fan (requiring a few spontaneous vom stops!!), it was a great three days away. 

Pinnacles Walk - Vilo

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