On the Twin Coast Cycle Trail

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In early winter, we enjoyed a stunning time with two pals on Northland’s Twin Coast Cycle Trail.  The 87km trail weaves from Horeke to Opua amongst some of New Zealand’s most historic and scenic gems.  While the weather couldn’t have turned out better, we didn’t account for how early it gets dark. This did mean ending up in thick bush at the back of Moerewa, pitch black sharing just one head torch between four of us! Sometimes being unprepared makes for a great story and even better adventure…sometimes.

Vilo - Twin Coast Cycle Trail

The trail proved to be more challenging than I thought however at four months pregnant, I felt I had done a reasonable job! When a little jaded by the glorious bushland, crystal coast and great company, Kaikohe delivered a kiwi classic…mince and cheese pies!!

Along with the lack of illumination, our foresight failed to extend to the length of the trip.  87km was a complete mission in one day! Did we have a laugh?...absolutely.  Would we do it all again?...OF COURSE!!!!! 


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