Winter Fun...The Bay and The Market

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So Josh turned to me on Monday, looked at the sunshine and suggested..."sod it lets head North!" I knew, 'The Collective Marketplace' was happening on Saturday and was feeling rumblings in my nervy knickers so a spontaneous break at the beach was much needed.  We have been to Taupo Bay and stayed at the Bach of a friend, of a friend, of a committee of a friend, four or five times but this was the first with our eight month old pal.  Every year when Northland winter rolls round, I am newly astonished at the brightness of the sunshine, the mildness of the days...and how poorly insulated our home is during the nights! The Bach we know and love at Taupo Bay is classic kiwiana. Two bedrooms, cork tiled ceilings, industrial carpet and a breathtaking view.  In other words...simplicity at it's finest, exactly how a kiwi Bach should be.  The first time I entered the shed...I mean Bach, I wasn't prepared for the proximity of the bay, the largeness of the sky and the beauty of the view.

We spent the first dreamy day pottering along the sand and trying to prevent my little pal from consuming the entire beach.

That night was spent over a couple of glasses of wine and in a somewhat looser fashion, brainstorming ideas for the business.  Some were great! Some not so great.  But enough material was created to provide a few laughs for a summer campaign.  My childhood boxing day swims in Brighton (England) and general parental encouragement to be a "water baby" is potentially responsible for my draw to the Ocean. Any time of year, I feel that you're at the beach, you must swim. I doned my mum togs and winter leg hair to brace the water and loved a Wednesday morning swim. 

The second day was spent in a similar fashion, moseying along the beach,

a brief run and the most wonderful kiwiana ending...smores over a fire.

I came away from this isolated paradise refreshed and excited for "The Collective Marketplace" on Saturday.  Those who know me would consider me a confident, friendly person, unfazed by meeting new people and that's true! But throw me into a "sales" situation and verbal diarrhea from a world class loon seem to tumble out.  My mental narrative is, "Stop talking, let them be, OH GOSH LEAVE THIS POOR PERSON ALONE!" However my verbal narrative is, "What can I help you with? How can I help you? OH GOSH PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU!" I was given an effective pep talk by Josh and seemed to reign in my mouth long enough to really enjoy the day.  The best part was meeting Vilo fans and hearing their invaluable feedback.  Also networking with other Northland businesses.  Prepare for a few collaborative giveaways over 'Plastic Free July!'.  The cherry on top was selling few pairs of sunnies, very exciting in the middle of winter! 

I wore a pair of our optical frames for the whole day and can give genuine testament to how comfortable and light they are! 

So I can confirm a well balanced week; Nature time balanced with business time.  Please don't restrict our beautiful backyard to the summer. Head North, head South, head anywhere just get out and about. There are so many untouched pieces of paradise in this country of ours, start wandering through them!


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