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Another part of our mid winter babymoon (Campervanning the South Island in June, at 5 months pregnant), was spent on a frosty day completing the cycle ride between Arrow Town and Gibbston River.  The 25km out and back easy cycle trail was a lot less than I could have handled pre-bump, alas with a little one on board it was plenty strenuous! We began the ride in charming Arrow Town.  This historic hamlet is straight out of a doll’s house and a fortunate “campermate” deal provided us with electricity (therefore heating!) overnight in our van.  The first part of the trail, winds along the Arrow River where we could have almost let the freezing gorge fog detract from our ride! The river hugs the base of the Kawarau Gorge so the start of the ride meant blisteringly cold hands and noses!! With my on-board baby heater, I quickly shed layers turning one of my tops into gloves for Josh…I couldn’t work out how to fashion a nose warmer though!  As seasoned Northlanders, single figure Celsius was a definite shock to the system.

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At the Kawarau Bridge, we spent a moment ogling the bungie jumpers from A J Hackett’s Bungy site. Oddly, preggy ladies aren’t encouraged to bungy! Will have to take the plunge next time we’re down here.  I couldn’t believe the views once turning onto the Gibbston River Ride.  From this vantage the azure, Kawarau Gorge appears to glow in the sun and we could appreciate the autumn colours cascading down the gorge.  Such a contrast to Northland’s year round greenery.  The Gibbston River Ride meanders between vineyards with endless options to stop and eat/ drink and be merry! However being the cheapskates we are, we enjoyed some packed sarnies while inhaling the view!

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While I started the trail with gusto, even opting to include the intermediate portion onto the Chard Farm road, bump seemed to take up far too much space in my puku to allow room for other residents…like lungs! I ended up royally pooped after the “easy to intermediate” ride.  It’s again hard to capture New Zealand in my feeble blogging attempts but I continuously find myself arrested by our country’s raw and profound beauty.

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