New Line At The Lighthouse

November 05, 2017

This week we had a laugh with the launch of our new sunnies line! We’re super stoked with the new eye pieces and took them up the Tutukaka Headland walkway to the lighthouse for some fun product shots.  Adding to the adventure was our latest business partner (our 3-week-old daughter) who we lugged along for the ride in the front pack.  I’m always struck by Northland’s splendour on this headland. The steep ascent shows off the Tutukaka Coastline and Poor Knights Islands in all their magnificence.  At the Lighthouse the sun broke and we had a giggle modelling our new line, adding to our product photos. This is to give Vilo fans an idea of how our sunnies look on real life…goofy, sweaty kiwis! The extra 4.9kgs of our precious baby girl was enough to trigger quite a glow on the trail even in early spring! Josh is using our new business partner as his training weight for the bi-annual hill running challenge requiring 10kg weights. 

 Tutukaka Lighthouse - Vilo Blog

 There were a couple of shots which didn’t make the website…

 Tutukaka Lighthouse - Vilo Blog


Clearly increasing market research into selfie taking is warranted here.  Unfortunately, in all our excitement about the sunnies and 1st successful hike with our new addition…we hadn’t calculated the tides.  This walk is inaccessible an hour either side of high tide. I ended up wading back along the rocks with Josh ahead of me assuring me that yes he would catch me if I slipped. Well…catch is an over statement, he would catch our daughter and it “wouldn’t matter” if I got a little, “scuffed up”!

 Tutukaka Rocks - Vilo Blog


Not exactly the embodiment of class A parenting. 

Another exciting event this week is our first stockist! ‘Toot Sweet’ at Tutukaka Marina is the first stockist in New Zealand to stock our sunnies! The shop is bursting with beautiful things, including lots of locally sourced treasures. When stopping in on our way out to the Lighthouse, I had to steal myself away from indulging in too many yummy treats and floaty clothing! So lots happening in both business and family life.  We love our new line of sunnies and it’s given us another excuse and opportunity to get into Northland and start enjoying Spring.  Roll on warmer, drier weather!

Tutukaka Walk - Vilo Blog


To plan your own Lighthouse adventure visit  for details and check the tides!! For information about ‘Toot Sweet’, find them on facebook .  

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Molasses - Vilo Wooden Sunglasses

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