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So the last seven days have been spent in a sleep deprived haze helping my five month old friend through sickness, immunizations and learning to roll.  Never have I encountered such a worrisome time of second guessing, as having a sick baby.  My favorite person in the world trudged on through fevers, rashes, tears and lethargy as I watched...unable to help in any meaningful way.  We spent our nights snuggling down together on the couch as she finally gave in to sleep.  As summer waves a warm goodbye and Autumn begins to get comfortable, we're getting to know the indoors and appreciate what a wonderful summer we had!  Today my friend has turned a corner and blossomed into the happy, contented soul I love so deeply. 

This week our new prescription frames are finally ready! I've had fun naming the new frames and am excited to hear Vilo fan's thoughts. Click the photos below for the link

Wooden Optical Prescription Frames - ViloWood Prescription Eyeglasses - ViloWooden Prescription Eyeglasses - Vilo

*Vilo Optical Wood Frames are prescription ready, meaning you can use them with the clear lens they come with or take them to a local or online eye care professional to have your prescription filled. Prices for prescription lenses range from $29 to $150. Contact us for information where you can get them filled.

I found myself trying names for our new time pieces in the wee hours whilst dancing the hug and sway with my friend.  This did however result in some unusual suggestions and Josh finding 'Scooby' not entirely appropriate for one of our new time pieces! 

This week I've found my life entirely out of balance and unable to give important time equally between a business, a baby, a husband and my love for the beautiful kiwi outdoors.  I'd love to blog weekly about extreme outdoor adventures with my little friend but this week...our outdoor adventure consisted of a potter over to Kensington Park with our nieces and nephews. 

Josh as always can never resist a photo op to showcase our Vilo sunnies out and about. 

This week our fabulous stockist 'Thieving Kea' in Wanaka posted a gorgeous pic of our sunnies in their store at 139 Ardmore St, Wanaka.

...far more creative than I can be with a lense! Becky and the team are wonderful to work with.  I am excited to be approaching new stockists at the moment as we are frequently asked by Vilo fans if there are local places to try our pieces.  However as mentioned before, this week new business ventures have taken a back seat to mummy cuddles with my favorite person.  I am hopeful Autumn and then Winter can provide ample opportunity for crisp adventures and a time to re group about the new opportunities and direction for our business!

Vilo Optical Wood Frames Collection

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