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So last weekend I launched myself completely out of my comfort zone and hit the Mangawhai Markets with Vilo! I love perusing markets, particularly the dinky local ones filled with 'odds and sods' and thought this a perfect opportunity to get feedback on our pieces.  The day started early at an eye watering 5am.  After successfully nailing the cot to car transfer of my 4 month old friend, we arrived at Mangawhai on a crystal morning where only the sun marked the blue sky.  

For a former 'wing it' pair...Josh and I had surprised ourselves and been completely organised, even completing a dorky dry run of our stall during the week previously.  We were happy with how the day turned out, getting to meet Vilo fans and have face to face feedback about our pieces.  We swelled at the compliments and were proud at how far the business has come.  Selling a few pieces was the cherry on top.

Not the most arty pair...even we were surprised at how nicely the stall came together! 

Fellow Northlanders' will know what a drizzly beginning of Autumn we've had.  However this week we managed to venture out into our closest beauty spot the Quarry Gardens.  Through the top of the Quarry, are multiple running/ hiking trails which used to be part of my pre-bub down time.  This week we enjoyed a more leisurely pace through the main gardens with fabulous pals visiting from Ireland!  Thankfully they didn't bring the snow and got to experience our glorious Quarry even in the drizzle...

This true-blue community project is a testament to Whangarei locals, built and maintained almost entirely by fit volunteers.  This beautiful place grows and changes every time we visit so I never tire of meeting visitors or locals here.  

To access the running trails, enter the Coronation Reserve on Russel Road. Pop out at the Quarry and treat yourself to a vintage tea experience at Quail Cafe

Today our first Vilo competition finished and we're pleased to share Elise Simionato was the winner of Sol sunglasses! We were overwhelmed by the response of Vilo fans and their kind words about our sunnies.  We were super nervous we would look like loosers' with no competition entries so were blown away by the amount of entries and shares! So a productive week professionally where I may have got the market bug.  Our neighbor stall holder made some suggestions for our next market venture and blessed us with pesto, guacomole and salsa at the market's end! Next Saturday 10th March we will be at "The Collective Marketplace" at Forum North so come down to support local business and have fun trying on our sunnies! 

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