Mount Aubrey

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This week I've had the privilege of hitting some of our local beauty spots with like minded, motivated (if a tad mad) mummy pals!  Sweating it out up Parihaka, joining a mummy workout group on a warm morning in Mair Park and finally some family time with Josh and my little friend up Mount Aubrey.

This stunning spot is part of the Whangarei Heads Coastline. To the East, Pataua and the Pacific Coastline can be admired and to the South Whangarei Heads and Mount Manaia.  The Heads is a jewel in Northland's crown and a wistful part of our retirement plan! Every corner reveals more beauty.  After the first steep assent, we were rewarded by stunning views and a sweaty cuddle with my friend...

What an amazing place for her to wake up. The view surely compensating for her sweaty pillow! We meandered down the rest of the track past Reotahi Marine Reserve where we've previously enjoyed...well endured not one but TWO disastrous dive attempts in overwhelming currents.  Reotahi is pristine with beautiful native sea life but worth some serious planning and consideration of tides! 
The loop track meets back at Tiller park where I could count the adventure a success and satisfied my happy tank for another week.  I also dragged Josh into a reluctant family photo where miraculously we're all smiling and looking the same direction...

The week hasn't been complete sunshine and loveliness...I have been dashing about preparing for the Mangawhai Beach and Country Market this Sunday 25th February.  It's the first time Vilo has been to Market and I'm a little nervous about how it will pan out...four month old friend in tow! I'm excited for a chilled atmosphere and community vibe.  Come check out our stall and make a day of it whilst enjoying this beautiful part of Northland. More information can be found on their facebook page at To plan your own Mount Aubrey adventure, visit Check out Reotahi Marine Reserve on the way back for a quick snorkel or complete dive to experience Northland's underwater world.  

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