Camping at Otamure Bay

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So every year, myself, Josh and a some fabulous pals enjoy a few sweltering days and one of the greatest kiwi past times...camping.  This week we headed to the Whananaki coast, and Otamure doc site for our annual camping adventure. 

Otamure Bay

The first hurdle was accommodation. For 11 years Josh and I have snuggled into our 'three man' dome tent, pooh poohing the idea of investing in a bigger tent instead preferring the minimalist camping experience.  Believing you're not 'getting into nature' if you take half the house with you.  However this year...our four month old friend in tow, we convinced ourselves that yes...we needed more space. Not convinced enough to invest in a bigger tent...but enough to scrounge one off Josh's parents! However arriving at this beautiful slice of New Zealand, it became apparent the bigger 'up market' tent was not only missing pegs...but also the waterproof fly!! So back to our humble dome we headed, Josh's diagonal sleeping and our little friend's basket made for an incredibly cosy stay.

Camping Otamure

The weather forecast was horrendous for this weekend.  We spent the first gale force day erecting multiple shelters so that if the forecast proved correct...we could bundle under tarpaulins with cups of tea, packs of cards and great company.

Camping Otamure

However after prayer and one blustery evening spent doing dirty dancing moves on the longest footbridge in the southern hemisphere...

Whananaki Footbridge

...the weekend turned out fabulous! All sunshine and loveliness.  The footbridge is on Winnie's doorstep, I love that in New Zealand, you can puddle up to the deputy prime minister's gate and it's not swathed in security.  Just an understated wooden home on the edge of paradise.  The campsite nestles between two pristine beaches so we spent five lazy days between the two, exploring the rock pools, having mummy naps on the beach and teaching our four month old friend how to swim! 

Otamure Bay

...a perfect family photo interspersed with baby drool! During some down time, we convinced our much better looking pals to model seven of our latest sunnies in exchange for cuddles with our little friend.  They did an oober professional job...

Otamure Bay - Vilo Sunglasses Jasper

Otamure Bay - Vilo Sunglasses Bounty

and I think had a bit of a laugh too...

Otamure Bay - Vilo Sunglasses Bounty

While our camping experience was certainly different from previous years and some evenings spent dancing the "hug and sway" with my little friend, it was the perfect closure to summer and beginning of our little ones adventures in our big, blue, beautiful outdoors.  Whananaki

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