Glorious Summertime

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So as the rain begins this week and summer is finally bidding farewell, time is finally available to bunker down and reflect on those hot and lazy days. We had far too much fun this summer which began well before Christmas with time spent paddle-boarding and visits from family

Isabella's first sail with her grandparents...

the initial dinghy ride perhaps a slight shock to her tiny system...

and a rare toddler free night away celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Russel

10 years, 19 countries, 2 house renovations, 1 baby and 1 business...definitely a few more wrinkles from the fresh faced (nearly) teenagers we once were

The beginning of 2019 also bought our annual camping trip to Otamure Bay with a few of our oldest pals.

This year after 12 years of camping, we have finally graduated to a (borrowed) grown up tent...

What pure indulgence to be able to stand while changing and sleep supine (rather than in a ball to accommodate Josh's 6 foot 4 diagonal frame in 'bed'). We have not however, graduated to a grown up 'bed' with Josh still preferring mats to really, "get back to nature". 

The grown up trip continued, graduating from kayaks to our pals tinny boat, from snorkeling to diving and my 16 month old pals first trip on a (incredibly slow and responsible) sea biscuit! Traditional food remained however because you really can't beat BBQs and canned rice pudding.  The beauty of this place still astounds me with rolling hillsides and a pristine aqua beach laying peacefully side by side. 

The closure of summer also bought a week at a bach of a friend of a friend of a connection to another friend at Taupo Bay. 

While previous photos captured views and adventure, my photos of summer seem to be filled with the two loves of my life, Josh and Isabella. Not incredibly useful for filling a business blog!

The business has been royally blessed over summer with encouraging reviews from Vilo fans from all around the world filling our inbox, and new stockists joining us in Kaitaia, Whangarei, Cromwell and Australia!

We're pleased to start free express tracked shipping to Australia which often arrives overnight or else an ETA of 3 days. This is catered through our new international site Lastly, watch this space as we are putting the final touches in offering personalised engraving for our wooden watch range. Perfect for birthday or anniversary gifts for your loved one.

With Autumn emerging it's time to reflect on a glorious summer and see what is in store next for our growing little business.

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