Tis the Most...Wonderful Time...of the Year!

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Hurrah, only twelve days to go! There really is a marvelous jingle about the twelve day countdown.  With the year winding down, summer rolling in (jealous much Northern Hemisphere readers?) and the streets awash with tinsel, I thought it timely to release a quick update about the happenings at Vilo. On the first Sunday of the month I headed to Coatesville Farmers Market to debut our Vilo pieces.

and like the modern woman I am...erected my own gazebo!

The day was so successful meeting Vilo fans and rubbing shoulders with other kiwi entrepreneurs, I seem to have caught the market buzz.  I will be hitting the twilight Christmas Market at Coatesville this Sunday 16th December at 2pm until 7pm (ish). 

I'm so excited to be debuting our latest pair of sunglasses at the Christmas Market which will be released on our website in the New Year. It is a rose-gold brushed metal frame with deep ebony wood. I've yet to name this exquisite model but seem to be stuck on a bird theme...Skylark...Sterling...Eagle. Josh isn't convinced by my current tangent.    

For our second Christmas in a row, we have to apologise. Demand has exceeded our expectations and unfortunately a few models have been sold out for a few weeks. Fortunately, today all models have been completed and are now available online and from the majority of our fabulous stockists.  

If you're umming and aahhing about whether wooden eyewear is the way forward for that unique gift, check out my only informative blog with all the lowdown on wooden sunglasses here (The Ultimate Guide To Wooden Sunglasses). This was written when I was in the throws of wooden knowledge acquisition and assumed everyone was as zealous a wood geek as I am! Not to be out done, our wooden watches also make a thoughtful eco friendly gift for family and friends (ours included...watch out sibs!)

I'd like to say I'm nailing the Christmas countdown, have my presents wrapped and cooking catered, but I seem to be woefully distracted by summer! Among a hive of sunglasses activity, my fourteen month old friend and I have stolen some glorious hours feeding the ducks...

working on fluffy mono-brows on our regular coffee dates...

and convincing Josh to dress in matching neutrals and swan about on Ruakaka beach!

My friend was generously gifted a family photo shoot by the incredibly talented local photographer Billie Axon. This precious lady really positioned us to look semi presentable and Josh, after initially threatening to use the photo shoot for a Vilo promo, even admitted the day was, "kind of fun".

So the wind down (or wind up) to Christmas can be a chaotic, heady season but this year I seem to be floating along and stealing some precious, family time with my little friend and her gorgeous daddy. So amongst your own Christmas chaos,  diary in some important dates to ensure your wooden orders will arrive in time for Christmas morning.  Place orders for... 

NZ North Island - 21st December before 2pm

NZ South Island - 20th December before 2pm

Australia - 12th December before 2pm (Expedited Shipping only)

after these dates we're all in no man's land whether parcels will arrive on time!

Merry Christmas lovely reader and the biggest Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ Xxx 



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